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Using DSLR cameras to shoot video gives you great quality at a very reasonable price. However, to get the best results there are some things to bear in mind.

DSLRs are designed for still photographers. They have been refined over many years to get all of the controls just where they are needed to take great stills. This makes them a bit of a pig to shoot video with. There are a number of products on the market that aim to improve the situation, typically by mounting the camera in a cage with remote controls attached where a video camera operator would like them. These are expensive and only worth considering if you are shooting longform material. If you are shooting your own short corporate pieces then you'll be fine as long as you keep it simple.

DSLR Self-shooting

The maximum clip length that DSLRs will record can be as little as 5 minutes (Nikon D3) but is generally capped at 30 minutes. There are two reasons for this. The one generally cited is that the camera sensor is being protected from overheating when recording video. Remember these sensors were not designed for continuous operation so heat dissipation was not originally a key design criterion. The other issue is that any device that can record more than 30 minutes of video at a time is classed as a video camcorder and attracts higher import duty. There are a number of 'hacks' that are available to remove the limit but not all cameras are covered, you might 'brick' your camera and you might melt your sensor. Keeping it short is our advice for most things anyway and if you are covering a live event don't use SLRs.

Keep it short

Editing DSLR material can require a knowledge of codecs and file formats. Make sure that your editing software supports your camera in advance of the shoot.

If you don't want to tackle this yourself then we offer a post production service to synchronise, colour correct, edit and sound mix etc. for you and produce the best possible result from your material.

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